August - 20th - 2022

As a real-estate agent, one of the most common questions from clients is how to price their home accordingly.
Let's look at a few variables when choosing a list price.

Market Conditions:
Is it a buyer or sellers' market? Knowing this can determine how to price your home OR even if it is the right time to sell.

Interest Rates:
They are ever changing and have a huge influence on buyers. Staying up to date on our bank rates and how they can affect you is important.
Relevant sales in your area:
also determine how much a potential buyer will potentially pay for your home.
Location Location Location,
Homes in some areas sell higher than others. How is your area?
Condition, Age and Square footage of your home are also major considerations.

If a home owner prices too high, the home could stay on the market for much longer than anticipated.
If a home is priced too low, the home owner can lose valuable money. Do you have questions about how to price your home? I would love to chat.

August - 1st - 2022

We don’t all have the same idea of what a dream home is… maybe a spacious house in a friendly neighborhood, a cozy small condo with a big view, or a tucked-away paradise in the woods… Whatever your dream home is, I will help you find it. Hi, I'm John Sheehan with RE/MAX Ocean Pacific Realty in the Comox Valley, Your trusted agent for all things real estate.

Happy Summer everyone and here is my home buyers tip of the week:
Many Canadians think the first step in the home-buying process is to contact a realtor and start looking at homes. This isn’t correct. The first step is to reach out to your bank or mortgage broker and apply for a mortgage pre-approval.

A pre-approved helps you to be aware of how much you can afford to spend and to also helps to lock in low interest rates before they go up..

In the meantime, gather all of your documentation such as bank account and investment statements, proof of income, assets, and any debt information you have. Now you and your trusted realtor can move quickly when you find that perfect property. To learn more, reach out to me at

July - 15th - 2022

Comox Valley real estate encompasses a wide coastal area of Vancouver Island that includes, the Town of Comox, Comox Peninsula, Courtenay, Crown Isle, Cumberland, Merville/Black Creek, Union Bay, Fanny Bay, and Royston. With its moderate climate, picturesque setting and abundance of outdoor activities, buying a house in Comox Valley means more than just getting a home with a view, you're buying a lifestyle.

July - 1st - 2022

For Sale by Owner vs Working with a realtor. How hard can it be? The market is hot, I’ll just put my home on MLS and it will be sold easily without paying realtor fees.

If it was that easy, realtors wouldn’t have a job. So why use a Realtor?
Generally speaking, homes sold with a real estate agent make more money than those sold by owner.
Realtors not only have access to MLS but to hundreds of other realtors who have buyers wanting to view your home.
Many realtors spend years building relationships with other agents and community professionals for their client's best interest.
A good realtor will market and showcase your home to generate interest from potential buyers and arrange viewings.
Your trusted realtor will provide feedback and communicate with you throughout the process.
During the negotiations, your realtor will walk you through the contracts and be there every step of the way to ensure that you understand all of the ins and outs of the transaction.

June - 15th - 2022

Strata properties are a convenient and desired housing option in British Columbia and can also offer added security, sense of community and amenities to residents. The BC government explains strata housing “owners who own their individual strata lots and together own the common property and common assets as a strata corporation.”
Some popular strata housing here in the Comox Valley include condos, town homes, vacation properties, some single-family home and commercial properties The strata cooperation is self-governed by all of the owners and they work together to create by-laws and rules in which owners must follow. These by laws and rules range between pet policies, quiet hours, aesthetics of the property and more. Owners pay strata fees for common expenses like gardening, building repair and up keep of amenities. If you're wondering if a strata property is right for you, call John at Island

June - 1st - 2022

Is my agent the reason my home hasn’t sold? Maybe your home has been on the market for a week or two even a month or longer, regardless of the time on market, every homeowner has different expectations as to the time they believe it will take for their home to sell.
If the sale of your home is taking longer than your expected time frame, it is easy to place blame on your agent. A good agent can definitely have a positive impact on how quickly your home sells, the price it sells for and even your experience during the process.
Your agent does not however have any influence over interest rates, pandemics, wars, supply chain issues, financial rules and regulations, employment and wages or even supply and demand. Considering all of this, it is important to have a conversation with your agent about the market value of your home and to have realistic expectations before listing your home.

May - 30th - 2022

Greener homes:

Have you wondered how you can make your home greener either for resale value or as an upgrade to a recently purchased home? Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Tankless water heaters only operate when there is a need so they consume less energy
Replacing old lighting with LED bulbs saves energy and can last for years
An investment of solar panels is a sustainable energy source and will reduce your electricity bill,
Upgrading outdated appliances to energy efficient models will in addition to saving energy, appeal to potential buyers,
Adding ecofriendly insulation to your home is another way to consume less energy.
Remember to think outside your home as well, plant vegetable and herb gardens and use rain barrels to collect water to use in the dryer months.

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